Year-round gardening: March checklist for southern Colorado gardeners | Lifestyle

Year-round gardening: March checklist for southern Colorado gardeners | Lifestyle

Usually, March is southern Colorado’s snowiest month nonetheless, the location also has sunny, warm days with the changeover to spring and the guarantee of summer time. The backyard garden is bit by bit coming back to existence and there’s a good deal to do.

Pruning: Clematis jackmanii, a backyard garden basic with a huge quantity of single royal purple blossoms generated in June, July and September, need to be pruned in early March ahead of the plant arrives out of dormancy.

This cultivar of clematis blooms on new wood every single year and, if still left by yourself, will become spindly with lowered blooms. Lower back stems to 9 inches to 12 inches previously mentioned ground with a cleanse straight minimize. Prune to just above two sturdy buds.

In the subsequent months, as new advancement appears, use a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer and practice the new stems close to a support.

Prune out useless wood in trees and shrubs. Even so, do not prune living branches on spring-flowering shrubs these kinds of as lilac, mock orange or forsythia as these vegetation need to be pruned immediately after they bloom.

Soil preparation: As quickly as ground can be worked, till an inch or two of compost or aged manure into vegetable backyard garden soil. If you’re going to commence a new perennial backyard, dig out sod or weeds and work in the exact amount of compost or aged manure.

Get a soil check for recognized gardens and lawns (master how at

Planting: Small bare root trees and shrubs can be planted in March. Choose a time when the forecast calls for a few to four gentle days.

Plant bare root roses. matter-spots/yard-yard/picking out-and-planting-roses-7-404/

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Drop-bearing raspberries also can be planted. garden/raspberries-for-the-dwelling-yard-7-001/

In early spring, plant bare-rooted grape vines (If potted grape vines are chosen, wait until finally May well or June.). Saint Theresa Seedless Grape, a sweet table grape, is a Plant Decide on recommendation for our location. See

Just before the finish of the month, plant peas and sweet peas, soaking the seeds right away to start with.

Amazing-season veggies, radishes, spinach, arugula, lettuce and onions can go into the organized backyard garden bed towards the stop of the thirty day period.

Indoors, commence seeds of cold-tolerant annuals such as inventory, godetia and sluggish-expanding impatiens, ageratum and lobelia.

Lawn: Main aerate the lawn or have it completed by a competent garden company. Make certain the soil is moist prior to aerating to get 3-inch plugs. Go away plugs on the lawn.

Equipment: Sharpen the mower blade and replace motor oil. If instruments weren’t cleaned in the drop, do it now. Other maintenance includes raking and cleaning the lawn and gardens.

Plan: On a snowy day, sit down with paper and pen and make a checklist of what you want to complete in the increasing year. New crops? A drinking water aspect? Ways to a rock garden? A vegetable back garden? It’s time to dream.

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