What is hardscape landscaping? 3 tips and ideas for the garden

What is hardscape landscaping? 3 tips and ideas for the garden

Stone walls designed by Frederick Law Olmsted border the view overlooking River Road and surround various features at the Boxhill mansion on bluff above River Road. Sept. 21, 2016

Now that we’re formally in summer months, your tomatoes all staked and suckered, hedges properly trimmed and coiffed, it is time to transform awareness to hardscape.

It is been explained that you can have a very fantastic yard consisting of all vegetation but you just cannot have a wonderful yard with no hardscape, and I’d are likely to agree. As a great deal of a plant geek as I am, even I have to admit that an artfully crafted stone wall, bluestone terrace or drinking water attribute adds a touch and little bit of distinction that, fairly than taking away from the influence of crops, accentuates the finer functions of the environmentally friendly bits of the yard.

And a very good area to begin on hardscape is with your paths.

Like most very good hardscape options, paths serve both equally practical and aesthetic functions in the backyard. At its base level, a superior path simply provides secure and steady footing to get you from below to there. When positioned just so, it can also serve as an necessary structure feature, leading you visually from a person style aspect to the upcoming, providing a feeling of discovery and even slowing your speed to encourage comprehensive observation as you wander by the yard.

The garden path at Round Hill in Blooming Grove.

But no matter the goal of your path, it’s only profitable if it is created appropriately and with the very long time period use in mind. Swiftly developed or badly supported paths can grow to be a maintenance headache at the the very least and at the worst, can be downright harmful.

So below are a several suggestions to support you get the most out of your new route project.