Using cardboard for weed control: what you need to know

Using cardboard for weed control: what you need to know

Employing cardboard for weed command is an obtainable yet successful way to get back electrical power in excess of your back garden – but what does the course of action entail? Whilst this humble material may perhaps not appear potent initially, it is amid the most impactful approaches to tackle the pesky greenery in your lawn and flower beds. 

If you happen to be hunting for how to get rid of weeds devoid of substances, cardboard could be your wanted resolution. Nevertheless, like numerous weed-handle techniques, professionals do urge caution. Thus, in advance of bringing cardboard into your yard concepts, it really is critical to master the finest system from these in the know. This is what they counsel – for a nutrient-abundant, weed-totally free back garden, without the cost. 

Can you use cardboard to avert weeds?

‘When scheduling new backyard garden beds, cardboard is vital to weed command,’ suggests John D.Thomas, the operator of Backyard Backyard garden Geek (opens in new tab). Irrespective of whether your lifted garden bed concepts need a new kind of weed regulate or you are battling weeds on your lawn, the cardboard will come in handy. 

Weeds in a garden

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‘It is thick sufficient to smother weeds, but as opposed to landscape cloth, it’s going to rot about time,’ John states. ‘This means that your crops will be equipped to ultimately pull nutrition from your native soil though helpful bugs these kinds of as earthworms will be equipped to make their way into your backyard beds.’

Applying cardboard for weed handle – what the process will involve