The Topeka Area Water Garden Society Pond Tour shows off local lawns

The Topeka Area Water Garden Society Pond Tour shows off local lawns

Topeka has more than 200 private water gardens. This one belongs to Brad Cheney, who owns Nature's Image Aquatic Design.

Drinking water garden features of lots of sorts and sizes will be shown for all those who choose the Topeka Space H2o Garden Society Pond Tour.

The party is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.

“Adding water to your backyard isn’t going to generally imply a pond with lilies and fish,” said Craig Dannenberg, president of TAWGS.

“Occasionally a function is a vase or piece of statuary that has drinking water flowing out of or down it, and then that drinking water goes down by means of a grate concealed by rocks to be recycled back up,” Dannenberg mentioned. “Often it can be also a stream with the identical principal that the water disappears at the stop and gets recycled.

“People are fantastic approaches to insert the audio of drinking water, and catch the attention of birds and wildlife, but have a minor significantly less routine maintenance of a pond.”

Most attributes will be at private residences, but Ward-Meade’s Botanical Garden and The Kay McFarland Japanese Back garden at the Topeka Zoo will also be portion of the function.

‘It’s very serene and calming’

A koi fish swims around a heart-shaped rock located within the pond at Kay's Garden within the Topeka Zoo.

There are a lot more than 200 personal h2o gardens in Topeka, Dannenberg stated.

“A good deal of persons will set them in and care for them on their own,” he said. “The residential ponds are extra the emphasis of the tour, to give persons concepts of what they can do in their have backyards that enhance their yard.”

Ellen Brentine has a single of the self-made ponds. Her husband, Frank Brentine, developed it in 2005 and expanded it with his close friend John Reedy in 2017. However her husband passed absent in 2021, Ellen Brentine and Reedy however retain the garden.