The Cost Of Tree Removal

The Cost Of Tree Removal

This guide will show you the cost of removing different tree types from your property. These guidelines are only meant to serve as a guideline. It is impossible to determine the exact cost of removing trees. Pricing factors include the complexity and height of the tree. The location and the condition of the tree can have an impact on the cost.

On average, a tree can be taken down for $150-$1500. Some tree services may be more costly. The average stump removal cost is $60-$350, and the average stump grinding price is $75-$1,000 depending on several factors.

What are the basic services for tree removal?

There are many types of tree removal services, but the most popular ones are the simple ones. The tree must be removed. The contractor will typically have to rope down the tree and climb it before cutting it into smaller pieces. The tree may be removed without additional costs (or included in your estimate). Our guide will help you understand what to ask when hiring a tree-removal service.

Extra charges may apply for services

Many people need more than a tree-removal service. Tree limb removal may be an extra charge if the price is not inclusive. Tree limb removal costs vary, but are usually between $50 and $75.

Additional services may be available for an additional charge, such as:

  • Tree Removal – Tree removal costs are almost always included in the stump removing price. Unless you pay an additional fee, the stump will be yours. The stump may be removed for a reduced price. This is often an additional cost. Sub-contractors might be required to use other equipment. The diameter of the stump will determine how much it costs to remove. You can expect to pay between $60 and $350 per stump. A rotting stump is more expensive than a solid and healthy one.
  • Limb cutting – You might choose to have your limbs chipped instead of paying more. If the tree service offers one, this shouldn’t cost much more. The chipper may cost you $75 more if it isn’t included.
  • Tree Trunk Removal – At the minimum, the tree company should cut down the tree trunk into smaller pieces. This will make it easier to transport them around. If you need the company to remove them, you will be charged more. The cost of this service is between $50 and $100
  • Travel expenses – Tree removal companies may need to travel a considerable distance. Driving time may also be required.
  • Log splitting – This service is available to people who have fireplaces. A log splitting machine may be brought by the tree service if requested. The cost of this service is $75 extra.

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