Naples Botanical Garden offers landscaping tips after hurricane ian

Naples Botanical Garden offers landscaping tips after hurricane ian

This is a Bahamas Trumpet Tree. The scientific term is Tabebuia bahamensis.

As our group rebuilds adhering to Hurricane Ian, home owners will fortify their properties and organizations towards long term winds and floods. But structural improvements are only aspect of the equation. Yet another excellent buffer in opposition to storms? Crops.

This restoration interval delivers an option to rethink our yards and greenspaces and build landscapes that stand up to storms and the region’s modifying local weather circumstances. You really don’t require to be a horticultural skilled to undertake the scientifically backed ideas we share in this article. With these pointers, you’ll both equally include storm security and increase the region’s environmental wellness in many other approaches.

Brian Galligan
Chad Washburn

1. Consider in levels

Image a forest. Are the trees standing in isolation? Or do you see levels of trees, vines, shrubs, grasses?

We really don’t anticipate you to convert your lawn into a forest, but you can incorporate levels to your landscape and replicate nature’s complicated ecosystems on a tiny scale. Consider surrounding some of your trees with shrubs and palms, which make a protecting buffer. Consider about incorporating groundcover plants, which decrease the ground temperature and protect against moisture loss, lessening irrigation demands. Plant a multi-tiered border along a fence. It is more visually fascinating than a solitary-species hedge, and it produces a dynamic setting, just one that gives habitat for pollinators, advantageous bugs, birds, and little mammals.