Interior design: Kitchen trend you can try on one wall – and create two ‘connected’ spaces

Interior design: Kitchen trend you can try on one wall – and create two ‘connected’ spaces

Open-plan living has been a long-standing interior trend and the kitchen is one of the best places to try it. But when it comes to planning the layout, finding accessible spots for all of your appliances and storage can be tricky to configure. A kitchen designer has shared a new “one wall” design for homeowners to try, and the best part is, it works in even the smallest spaces.

William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens said: “A one-wall kitchen refers to the main run of cabinets being confined to one wall so you can have a straight run with your appliances or sink or oven etc., and an island that will separate the working and social kitchen space as by for example having seating on the other side of the island leading into an open plan space.

“One-wall kitchens create a real sense of impact when you walk into the room. Having the kitchen on just one wall allows for the spaces to be separate whilst still feeling connected.

“For example, you can have a separate cooking area and social area but the two can be easily connected by a lovely statement island where seating is available.”

When it comes to designing a kitchen using just one wall as the main focus point, it is best to use the largest surface area in the space.

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Doing so allows for more freedom to utilise the rest of the room for other activities, like dining or even as a sitting room if you’re looking to create extra living areas without investing in a costly extension.

Of course, like all good kitchen designs, experimenting with interior decor is also essential to make the space both functional and appealing while also increasing the value of the property.

William said: “A considered colour scheme makes the kitchen pop and feel even more impactful – try pink cabinets with a darker island or make one element of the kitchen stand out by designing the island in a lovely washed oak with a beautiful worktop.”

If you’re not keen on bold colours, experimenting with unique shades like greige – a mixture between beige and grey, can also work well if you want to avoid an all-white space.

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The kitchen designer added: “Creating a functional flow using storage is a smart design.

“By being smart with storage in the island, especially using drawers, you can hide away a lot of your everyday essentials, which makes the flow of the kitchen incredibly functional.”

Building in shelving and using multi-level storage can maximise the space on offer in your existing kitchen while ensuring a seamless finish.

If you’re concerned about a lack of countertop space, retractable spaces that pull out on top of drawers are the ideal multipurpose solution.

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Designing an open plan space can instantly look brighter if you have large windows to allow plenty of natural light in, but if you don’t, paying attention to your artificial lighting choices is essential.

William explained: “Lighting is often the most underrated but most important element in the kitchen.

“Pendant light over an island or lights inside upper glass cabinets looks great, as well as up lights under units which create a lovely atmosphere.

“Consider your ceiling lights (your working lights) and ambience lighting (social lights) to ensure it works for any situation.”

While there are endless variations you can try using this one-wall trend, sticking to a simple formula of using built-in storage on one wall with an island divider works in most spaces.

And according to the Herringbone Kitchens founder, it’s this versatility of the design is that makes it so easy to replicate.

He said: “One-wall kitchens lend themselves well in many homes no matter the age of the property, the style of the home or the space available.

“It allows for a connected space that works really well day-to-day but also for entertainment as the social space it creates is second to none.”