How To Install Parquet Wood Flooring For First-Timers

How To Install Parquet Wood Flooring For First-Timers

Customarily, the most important flooring choices are either concrete or tiling. On the other hand, many thanks to enhancements in the design sector, a lot more solutions are accessible. You can very easily adopt wooden, pure stone flooring, etc. As a property owner, one of the alternatives you can take into consideration is parquet wooden flooring. 

Photograph by Ana Martin on Unsplash

What Is Parquet Flooring?

From the title by itself, this solution is made of wood. What helps make it unique is its geometric and angular visual appearance. It comes in different kinds and styles like herringbone.

Installing parquet wooden flooring is quite easy if you’ve previously done the set up. Nevertheless, it may possibly show challenging for a first-timer. If you are asking yourself how to install parquet wood flooring, this post will be your guidebook. Browse on to know a lot more:

Get ready Your Subfloor

In this situation, the subfloor is the floor on which you are going to lay your wooden parquet. For a profitable installation, it is highly recommended to ensure the subfloor is manufactured of concrete or wooden. These two will bond effectively with your parquet. Then, make certain to put together your subfloor ahead of putting in the parquet floor.

Initially, you have to clean up it. Cleaning the subfloor consists of removing particles and flooring finishes, these as vinyl, paints, and sealants. You need to ensure the ground is plain due to the fact any dust or debris will most likely display above time on your wood parquet just after set up.

At the time you clean up up the subfloor, here’s what you should do:

  1. Check out the flooring for any nails.
  2. If there are current nails on your ground, make sure they are not protruding. Otherwise, they’ll hurt your parquet flooring, producing it a waste of financial commitment.
  3. If the nails are rough or sharp at their suggestion, smoothen the floor to guarantee they really do not scratch your wood flooring. 

If your subfloor is harmed, you have to maintenance or exchange it appropriately just before installing the parquet. Your parquet will not fulfill your requirements effectively if the subfloor is substandard.

Degree The Subfloor

Levelling your subfloor indicates generating it flat. A flat floor is important in ensuring the ultimate outlook of your wooden parquet is pristine, with out any bumps or depressions.

To degree this floor, start off by inspecting it. Detect any dents, holes, bumps, or depressions on your subfloor. For the bumps, scram them off, and use a cement levelling combination to fill any holes or dents. Also, implement the levelling mixture if you have nails on the subfloor that variety a depression previously mentioned them. 

When you have coated everything, it is a good idea to sand the ground. Sanding smoothes almost everything out, making certain your final surface is flat and easy, ready for your parquet. 

Get The Measurements Correct

With wood parquet, planning entails determining how you will lay the picket strips. You can only get this proper by measuring. 

To evaluate the subfloor, mark the centres of every single of your partitions and be a part of them using chalk. The outcome will be four sq. styles. The intersection of these lines should really be the commencing stage of laying your parquet in each path. Most initial-timers make the error of utilizing the lengths of their walls as setting up points. This should not be the circumstance considering the fact that most partitions are not often straight. 

At the time you have the markings right, commence laying your parquet with the complete kinds initial. At the conclude, next to the partitions, you are going to very likely need to have to lower your parquet for it to suit. It is recommended not to reduce any strip additional than 50 {a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d}. Also, look at leaving a 10mm or half an inch of room at the finish of your walls. This margin will allow for space for your wooden parquet to broaden when the temperatures are higher.   

Bond The Parquet To The Subfloor 

The bonding phase will identify the longevity of your flooring. There are two points you can use—nails or adhesives. 

Must you choose for nails, ensure you acquire the appropriate nails. The nails’ lengths should be such that it drives into your herringbone picket parquet devoid of protruding on the area. The length involving a several inches into your subfloor and the thickness of your parquet should really information you appropriately. Also, make positive the nails you use really don’t problems your picket parquet. 

If you want to use adhesives, make guaranteed to pick out the appropriate one for the occupation. Most wood parquet manufacturers will endorse the very best adhesive to use for the installation. Other individuals will offer the adhesive and the wooden parquet side by facet to avert concerns on excellent, creating the purchasing approach much easier. 

Alternatively, your picket parquet vendor can advise you accordingly. As you use adhesive, you will have to time oneself. You do not want the adhesive to dry out before putting your wood parquet. 

Just after making use of the adhesive, you must align your parquet applying a rubber mallet. Hit the parquet with nominal force to guarantee all the parquet is on the exact same level. Once aligned, you are finished with the set up. On the other hand, make absolutely sure no a single employs the flooring for at least 24 hours. 


Putting in parquet wooden flooring is not much too difficult, even for a 1st-timer. But if you want peace of intellect, you can usually seek the services of industry experts to do the position as a substitute. If you do pick out to do the installation by yourself, refer back again to this tutorial to make certain you can do it appropriate.