Gardening talk: Perfect time to prune unruly shrubs

Gardening talk: Perfect time to prune unruly shrubs

The time is now to seize the pruners and get your shrubs and bushes again in form.

Pruning a shrub is meant to obtain one of several goals. Initially, some of these shrubs seem actually good close to your dwelling just one season, and the subsequent 12 months appear like we did with no haircuts during the starting of the pandemic. Upcoming, the shape of a bush can be high-quality-tuned by pruning. Finally, the flowering shrubs send out blooms galore with right pruning.

Jerry Somalski, proprietor of Bay Landscaping in Essexville, MI, states the very best time to prune is when you have time. His declaring is, “Prune when the shears are sharp.”


Hydrangea with previous year’s flowers continue to intact. (Photo by Mark Torregrossa |

I began the conversation anxious if it was way too late to prune my tree hydrangeas in front of the household. They improve so rapidly just in one season. If I do not prune them back again greatly each and every calendar year, they overtake the relaxation of the entrance-of-home glimpse.

Somalski eased my problems. He claimed it is completely the ideal time to prune back the tree hydrangea.

1 of the problems in pruning a unique flowering shrub is you may well cut the flower buds off. Somalski has a rule of thumb for us. If the shrub blooms right after June 10, its flowers form on the wood increasing this 12 months in April and Might. It is a good time to slice these flowering shrubs so we will have a more compact growth this spring. Jerry claims if the shrubs bloom just before June 10, the flower buds currently formed final calendar year. If you prune people shrubs now, you will be cutting off this spring’s flower buds.

Lilacs and forsythias are two prevalent spring bloomers that presently have flower buds. Never prune them now if you want coloration quickly. But Somalski also states you may perhaps have to sacrifice a spring of blooms if you need to get an overgrown lilac or forsythia back to a desired dimension. He says lilacs and forsythia are two shrubs you can slash down to a couple of inches earlier mentioned the floor and have them grow again into a new shrub.

Somalski suggests this plant finder web site on the Missouri Botanical Yard web page. If you see the flowering shrub listed as an April or May well bloomer, go away the plant by yourself now. If the blooming time is June, get the shrub again into the shape and style you want.


Hydrangea with very last year’s bouquets nevertheless intact. (Photograph by Mark Torregrossa |

You can constantly trim off a wild department right here or there, even if you aren’t supposed to be fully pruning a spring blooming plant, according to the landscaping qualified.

Somalski also offers us some pleasant homework. He states to just check out the plants this calendar year. If you really don’t know when a shrub blooms, look at it this spring and summertime. Choose notes of when the plant blooms.

The following couple of days with afternoon temperatures in the 50s and 60s will be wonderful times to established the formation of your landscape for the summer months.