Common Issues with Asphalt Driveways

Common Issues with Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is a durable material that costs little to nothing to maintain and is easy to install. It is why it’s a popular choice for commercial and residential driveways. However, as with any construction material, it’s bound to encounter problems without proper maintenance.

If your driveway is made of asphalt, you should know the potential problems you might encounter to prevent them. Otherwise, the costs will increase significantly. Let’s look at the most common issues with asphalt driveways.

Cracks Due to Excess Weight

Excessive weight over a long period can lead to breakdowns such as cracks. Excess weight could mean heavy loads or aggressive tire tread. If you keep pushing your driveway over its weight limit, it will eventually crack.

When building your driveway, you should discuss things with your asphalt contractor. If you know you will use heavy vehicles, you should plan accordingly before installing the asphalt. This way, you can build your driveway with reinforcements to prevent cracks. While you might need to pay an initial upfront cost, this is better in the long run. It costs more to repair a driveway than to install preventive reinforcements.

Breakdowns Due to Water Penetration

One of the most common issues with asphalt driveways is breakdowns due to water penetration in the main structure. It is not such a terrible issue but combining it with traffic can expand to more severe problems.

If you live in an area where it rains, you need to discuss with your contractor early on how you should build your driveway. This way, they can accommodate your driveway with the mandatory drainage solutions. In addition, you can avoid potential water cracks and save money over time by improving your drainage, like diverting water pathways.


Your asphalt may have developed potholes due to adverse weather conditions and standing water on the surface during or after paving. Below zero temperatures makes the water in cracks freeze. When this water melts, it will create gaps that break down due to traffic.

When it comes to commercial parking lot maintenance, a professional company can resolve any issue promptly. If a pothole is not taken care of as soon as it appears, it can become more prominent and present more significant threats to any vehicle. If you have a commercial driveway, you can be liable for these damages, and clients can start winnable lawsuits.

Asphalt Upheaval

Asphalt upheaval happens when the soil underneath your driveway expands. This can occur due to increased moisture in the ground or if cold weather freezes that water. While you cannot prevent bad weather, asphalt upheaval is preventable.

It requires proper drainage solutions so that it’s less likely that your driveway’s soil will suddenly have increased water. It can be preventable by maintaining your driveway. It’s salient to spot any issues early on and opt for maintenance services to avoid costly repairs.

To conclude, the common issues with asphalt driveways can be preventable by properly installing the asphalt and maintaining it. Furthermore, it can save you plenty of money in the long run and improve your driveway’s aspect.