Best Gardening Tools: Top 5 Landscaping Gadgets Most Recommended By Experts

Best Gardening Tools: Top 5 Landscaping Gadgets Most Recommended By Experts

Are you a gardening enthusiast or someone who grows a few tomatoes here and there? If yes, it’s a no-brainer that gardening tools are essential to keeping your greenery alive. To embrace your green thumb, or combat the lack thereof, a few staples are needed in your tool shed to nurture what you plant. Some of the best gardening tools make it a breeze to get your hands dirty and reap the benefits.

Studies often point to the amazing benefits of spending time outside and connecting with nature. Here’s another reason to put the smartphone down and enjoy the great outdoors. A new study reports that gardening could help reduce cancer risk, boost mental health, and unite communities. Scientists say it leads to eating more fibrous fruits and vegetables, exercising more and building social connections. These positive elements of gardening can ease stress and anxiety and lower the risk of various illnesses, according to researchers from The University of Colorado Boulder.

Not just that, gardening is on the up and up. A new study finds eight in 10 Americans have grown their produce over the past year. Eighty percent of people are growing their fruits and veggies to cut food bills. Researchers asked 2,000 people about their thoughts on gardening and 65 percent say they’ve tried it themselves at some point over the past year. Of those respondents who’ve dabbled in gardening, 76 percent claim it’s their new hobby and 86 percent have eaten the fruits of their labor.

To start enjoying fresh-grown fruits and veggies from right outside your doorstep, the first step is getting the supplies. StudyFinds did the research for you and found the five best gardening tools after reviewing 10 expert websites. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below! Happy gardening!

The List: Best Gardening Tools, According to Experts

1. FELCO F-2 

The Spruce reviewers say this is worth the extra cash, especially when it comes to pruning small trees and shrubs. “They sing the praises of this 8 1/2-inch pruner for its ability to slice through branches up to an inch thick without jamming or dulling the blade. The Felco F-2 has hardened steel blades, a forged aluminum handle and an adjustable alignment. The rubberized handle has shock-absorbing pads to keep work comfortable, and reviewers say it does that effectively. Some recommend other Felco models for smaller hands—particularly the F-6—or those with joint problems, who will appreciate the rotating and ergonomic handles of the F-7 and F-8 pruners. Another favorite feature is a sap groove that helps prevent sticking. The pruner is backed by a lifetime warranty.”


“When it comes to these hardworking bypass pruners, Felco seems to have carefully thought through every detail of the design to ensure many years of use, making the pruners worth the price,” says Better Homes & Gardens. “With a 1-inch cutting capacity, these shears are great for trimming rose bushes and woody perennials. The Anvil blade features a sap groove to prevent sticking. The cutting blade with a soft wire cutter is replaceable if needed, ensuring you can keep using these bypass pruners long into the future. The bolt and nut are easily adjustable so you can customize blade alignment if you wish.”

“Grab your Felco pruners to cut just about anything (except your bangs). Felco pruners have a solid reputation for a good reason: They cut cleanly through every plant you’re likely to encounter in your garden, from delicate flower stems to half-inch diameter branches. The major strength of Felcos is their versatility. They come with a limited lifetime warranty, you can cut down the last year’s growth on your yew hedge, trim your roses, give them a quick clean, and then snip a few basil leaves to pretty up your plate of spaghetti. All of your cuts will be clean and straight, with no crushed or mangled stems or half-cut branches. And with 22 different replacement parts available, you can keep these pruners in good repair pretty much forever. They may be more expensive than other pruning shears on this list, but they’re built to last,” explains Reviewed

2. Grampa’s Weeder

Gardening Channel says you can trust Gramps. “As you would expect from a tool named after Grampa, this weeder is a little bit old fashioned but rugged and durable. Its powder-coated steel blades and foot plate make pulling up tough weeds in their entirety, a walk in the park. It’s 45 inch-long, sturdy bamboo handle saves plenty of wear and tear on your back and knees, as you can perform any weeding task standing up straight. You don’t need to lean over the job or tilt and hover, as you do with some stand up weeders, as Grampa’s 45 inch weed puller is long enough to keep even the tallest gardeners vertical.”

Grampa's Weeder
Grampa’s Weeder

“This tool was originally invented in 1913, but it stopped being produced in 1941 so that all available metals could be put to the war effort. Luckily for us, the tool was rediscovered in 1999 and is now being produced and sold again,” adds Better Homes & Gardens. “The weeder works in all soil types, but it is easiest to use after a good rain or after watering since you need to be able to push it into the ground. The head was redesigned in 1999 to make it stronger, and the bamboo handle ensures it will be long lasting.”

“Another highly rated and reviewed pain-relief product, this 39-inch weeder was designed to eliminate the pain from all the hunching over and hand pulling that comes with weed removal. Simply position the tool’s two gripping prongs over the weed, press into the ground, and lean the handle in the direction of the foot lever. Out comes the weed—root and all—and you barely have to lift a finger,” writes PureWow

3. Scuddles Gardening Tool Set

Better Homes & Gardens loves this set for a gift: “It includes a pair of gardening gloves, a hand trowel, a digging fork, a transplanting tool with a sharp point, a small weeder, a hand cultivator (to loosen and aerate soil before planting), and an 8-ounce spray bottle to mist seedlings and container-grown plants.”

Scuddles Gardening Tool Set
Scuddles Gardening Tool Set

“The Scuddles Gardening Tool Set comes in a variety of colors, including beige, black, dark green, light green, and gray. Plus, the bag comes with side pockets for easy access to all your gardening tools at once. There’s even a large side pocket for a spray bottle or a water bottle,” adds Garden Gate Magazine. “This gardening tool kit contains all the basic tools you need to grow a thriving garden. This set also comes with a pair of gloves and a bottle sprayer, making it a complete kit that has everything you need for a day in the yard.”

“This garden tools set is very special. First of all it comes with a lifetime warranty and is made by a USA brand. Also, this Scuddles set has lots of garden tools that other sets do not include, but are quite essential for gardening: for example folding saw, 3 tools for mini gardening and for hard to reach spaces, heavy duty shears, plant ties, utility knife, and even a tape measure,” notes Sow Small Garden. 

4. Stratus Precision Rain Gauge

Garden Lovers Club ranks this option at number one and explains, “If you are looking for a simple rain gauge that can easily attach to a fence post or a stake in your garden, then this is a great option. It measures rain to 1/100th of an inch, and the measurements are straightforward to read, even from a distance. The material of the gauge is a polycarbonate plastic material that is very durable. It has a UV-Resistant coating on the surface to help protect it from the sun.”

Stratus Precision Rain Gauge
Stratus Precision Rain Gauge

“The Stratus RG202 Long-Term Professional Rain and Snow Gauge is made to standards specified by the National Weather Service, and owners say that makes for a reliable instrument for both home and professional use,” writes The Spruce. “Users can measure both rain and snow with the Stratus RG202. The gauge is roughly 5 by 5 by 14 inches and comes with a bracket that allows easy attachment and removal for users who install it on a post.”

“Anyone can appreciate this stratus rain gauge, regardless of their level of expertise in weather forecasting. However, if you pretend to have a green thumb, you need one. This hydrometer is a simple and direct instrument that doesn’t require wiring, electrical connections, or even batteries to function. It is easy to set up and convenient to use throughout the year. A rain gauge will help you determine whether you are depriving your plants of sufficient water or you are watering them excessively,” adds AgronoMag

5. Wilcox All-Pro Trowel

The Spruce claims this tool is indestructible, “even after years of potting, planting, and light digging. Though many gardeners love the versatility of the largest 14-inch trowel, it is also available in nine, 10, and 12 inches for more delicate tasks such as weeding near delicate plants. Each one is backed with a lifetime warranty. Experts with The Sweethome attribute the Wilcox trowel’s longevity to its single-piece steel construction, which leaves no joints to break or rust.”

Wilcox All-Pro Trowel
Wilcox All-Pro Trowel

“If you want a unique trowel, practically like no other you’ve had before, then perchance, the Wilcox 202s All-Pro 14″ Digging Trowel is the right for your gardening essentials. One thing that differentiates the Wilcox trowel is the striking bevelled design that allows it to identify rows to plant seedlings,” says Curbwise. “It is the best trowel for scooping in rocky or heavy clay soil. Engraved ruler stamps act as a pointer in defining depth as you plant.”

“This is a durable digging trowel that comes in a reliable one-piece design. The gardening tool is made from stainless steel with sharp points that make cutting and digging a lot easier. It also features a handy depth gauge that has been stamped on the surface. This will help you attain better consistency when transplanting. The measurements are listed in both inches and centimeters. The handle comes with grooves and ribbing for a comfortable grip,” adds Garden Gate Magazine

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