Basset Hound Uses Kitchen ‘Design Flaw’ to Steal Steak in Hilarious Clip

Basset Hound Uses Kitchen ‘Design Flaw’ to Steal Steak in Hilarious Clip

A basset hound applying a “structure flaw” in her owner’s kitchen area to steal dinner has TikTok people in hysterics.

The hilarious clip was shared on January 23 by TikTok user @hazel_the_hound, and shows the pet dog working with the format of her owner’s new kitchen area to her gain.

Regrettably for Hazel’s operator, the kitchen stove is found ideal subsequent to an open staircase. This permits the hungry hound to casually waltz up the stairs, move onto the stove and get started sniffing a slab of uncooked meat resting on leading.

Captioned: “When you quickly discover your new household a big structure flaw,” the amusing footage has been given around 2 million views and almost 240,000 likes in just 24 hours.

Why You Should not Belief an Unsupervised Basset Hound

In accordance to the American Kennel Association (AKC), basset hounds are “intelligent and unbiased.” On the other hand, this also signifies they are probable to land themselves in issues.

Schooling a basset hound is no simple task. That’s why the AKC endorses trying to keep this breed in a secure, fenced region, to avoid them from likely lacking. As they’re bred to hunt, they have a nose like no other, and it is really common for them to wander off in pursuit of an attention-grabbing odor.

Their outstanding nose implies they can also sniff out foods when other breeds are unable to. Incorporate this with their stubborn personality and refusal to hear, and you can expect to discover no meals is harmless from a hungry basset hound.

On the other hand, if you can set up with a basset hound’s bad actions, you will be rewarded with an effortless-likely and pleasurable-natured pal and no end of entertaining times.

File photo of dog in a kitchen.
A file image of a pet dog in a kitchen area. Hazel did not even consider to conceal her attempt at thieving the steak off her owner’s stovetop.
dimarik/Getty Visuals

‘This is Severe!’

In the amusing movie, Hazel will not even try to hide her endeavor at thieving her owner’s foodstuff. The hound casually walks up the stairs, hops onto the stovetop, and starts licking the raw steak devoid of a care in the planet.

TikTok customers cherished Hazel’s brazen attitude but were horrified by the design flaw, with Josalicat calling it a “basic safety hazard.”

“How did this get previous any kind of inspection?” requested Miranda Riddle.

“As a basset mama I get this is Severe!” explained ZSquad.

“I have two basset hounds that by now test to counter surf, this would be a nightmare,” agreed consumer698386118473.

“My stress has me picturing anyone falling down the stairs while pasta is boiling on the stove,” wrote @.eliseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

“Gonna have to put up a baby gate,” commented Alex Townsend.

Though Caoimhes cakes reported: “Imagine how hazardous this would be with young children.”

Hazel isn’t the only canine to be caught pink-pawed stealing food items. A rottweiler induced “chaos” before this month soon after devouring a complete rotisserie hen his owner remaining on the kitchen area counter, whilst a a few-legged Pyrenees attempting to pinch her mom’s spaghetti not long ago had TikTok people in hysterics.

Newsweek reached out to @hazel_the_hound for remark.

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