40 Make-Ahead Luncheon Ideas For The Garden Club

40 Make-Ahead Luncheon Ideas For The Garden Club

When it comes to a luncheon for the Garden Club, you obviously want everything to be just perfect. While the flowers in your garden might be beautiful and your container plants perfectly arranged, the food is just as important. In the past, we’ve given you recommendations for what to serve and what not to serve for a luncheon, but it’s no secret that sometimes the food served at these parties doesn’t always keep as well as your traditional casserole. For this luncheon round-up, we’ve tried to take a little off your day-of party planning by sharing recipes that you can make ahead of time. Some of these can be frozen days or even weeks in advance and all you have to do is bake the day of, while others can be made the night before. From the tried-and-true potato salad to a fun icebox cake, we’ve tried to keep all of the fun elements of a luncheon feast in mind.

Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Is it really a luncheon if you don’t have chicken salad? Our homemade version is a real classic, and is a great recipe to have on hand. Everyone will appreciate the time you took to make this recipe and will taste the difference.

Photography: Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Who doesn’t love a slice of pound cake to enjoy with company? The thing that makes pound cake such a staple is that it freezes like a dream.

Jennifer Causey

A Three-Layer Mold has been a staple in Southern kitchens for generations, but perhaps the most wonderful part of this side staple is that it can be made ahead. After all, you have to make sure that each of the layers are perfectly set!

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Whatever you call this salad, this recipe–which starts with pistachio instant pudding mix–is always going to be a favorite for any type of celebration. To make sure this recipe doesn’t deflate, you can make this recipe up to two days ahead.

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Always a holiday favorite, Fudgy Pecan Bourbon Balls are worthy of having a place on your luncheon table. These treats also last for a week in the fridge.

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If you are a fan of pickled shrimp, this is just the recipe you. This recipe can keep for up to 24 hours in the fridge, and its bright, fresh flavor is just what you want for a garden party.

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You just can’t beat a congealed salad, and this version is just about as classic as you can get. Make the recipe the night before, let it chill overnight and then it’s ready to go.

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Pecan Pralines are a Texas mainstay for a reason. These, like most pralines, can keep in an airtight container for about a week.

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This recipe takes just 10 minutes to make, but you can whip up the ham salad ahead of time, too. It’s just as versatile as chicken salad, but it might just be even more Southern, if that’s possible.

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You need something to use as a vessel for all of these salads, and these shortbread crackers are just the thing to have on hand. From variations like Pimiento Cheese Shortbread Crackers and Bacon, Bourbon, and Benne Seed Shortbread Crackers, you can alter these crackers to suit the tastes of the company you keep.

Jennifer Davick

We’re all about frozen desserts, especially on those warm days. There is something that feels so delicate about this recipe even though the only fussy thing about it is homemade whipped cream.

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These little squares, which are made with grocery store white bread and a delightful cheese spread, are utterly divine. Freeze these after step 2 and just pop a few in the oven before company arrives.

Southern Living

This timeless tomato aspic is the perfect centerpiece for your party. It is also just the thing to serve with your beloved Ham and Chicken Salad.

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Pass the pimiento cheese, please! This beloved Southern spread is a staple of the Master’s Tournament as well as our hearts. It can be stored in your fridge for up a week.

Southern Living

You can find Banana Pudding at nearly every BBQ joint or fine restaurant in the South, but you’ve probably never had something as wonderful as a Banana Pudding Cheesecake. This recipe takes two Southern favorites and transforms them into something that is the ultimate indulgence.

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A delicious spread that will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. You can serve with a side or carrots and cucumbers.

Alison Miksch

This quiche can be baked up to two days ahead of time so you will have plenty of time to make other arrangements for your garden party.

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You would never think that graham crackers could make such an elegant dessert, but it sure does. This dessert with a lovely, glossy layer of chocolate will become an instant hit.

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Yes, you can make Rice Pudding in advance! Just make sure to allow for the pudding to cool to room temperature and then it will keep in your fridge for 5 days.

Southern Living

If you want a bake what you need type of recipe for a gathering of just a few garden growers, this recipe is just the thing! Make a double batch, freeze these Sausage Balls raw, and then just bake when it comes to the time. Just make sure that you add a few extra minutes to your oven timer to make sure they are cooked through.

Will Dickey

There isn’t anything better than a just baked biscuit, but did you know that you can freeze biscuit dough for up to 90 days? Well, now you know, and you can make your biscuit dough early without thinking twice about it. Of course, make sure you have plenty of butter and jam for your guests.


This potluck staple needs some time to set, and we think that it’s good enough to be a part of your garden party spread. Don’t forget that sprinkle of pecans!

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This beautiful cake has a secret: It’s mostly made of a combination of store-bought items. Pick up frozen pound cakes, a jar of peach preserves, and vanilla ice cream at the market.

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Half of this recipe (the feta part) should be made the night before. A finishing touch of tomatoes and a toasting of the baguette are all you need.

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Sweet Vidalia Onions are savored in the South, and adding them to a spinach dip is just the thing! You can make this dip up to two days ahead of time, and you can serve it with almost anything from pita to potato chips.

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Most everyone has their own version of a Nuts And Bolts Mix, but this version might just be the best. You can customize this to your tastes, but we know whatever you do will be delicious.

Caitlin Bensel

The everyday, classic ice cream sandwich gets a delicious transformation in this recipe. In our chef’s notes we guide you through the whole process of how to freeze this dessert ahead of time.

Laurey W. Glenn

Serve these delicious rolls with thinly sliced ham and a little butter to make this dish truly delicious.

Hector Manuel Sanchez

These little Rum Balls seem to make their way into every gathering, but you might not know that they can keep for up to a month in your fridge. This recipe makes six dozen Rum Balls which makes them even better!

Iain Bagwell

A dip perfect for everything from crudités to breadsticks. It keeps for three days in an airtight container.

Will Dickey

A pie that looks impressive and tastes delicious.

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You’re probably already serving Bloody Mary’s at your luncheon so why not go all out with Bloody Mary Poached Shrimp too? Make up to three days ahead of time.

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Light and fluffy but also rich in flavor, these are a must for every gathering.

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This dessert has many names, but Chocolate Delight is the best to describe this wonderful treat. This recipe comes from the one and only Erin Napier’s family, which makes it even sweeter.

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That’s right, the best kind of Potato Salad should have a hard boiled egg. Trust us on this one.

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A bright, lemon-filled dessert that will be the talk of your garden party. This recipe comes together fairly quickly, but you can make up to 24 hours in advance.

Jen Causey

Make the egg salad a day in advance and then assemble the sandwiches the day of! With sweet pickle relish and onion, this is the ultimate egg salad.

Abbi Wilt

This is a true treat that fits perfectly on a cocktail napkin, making it a lovely dessert to serve at a gathering. Just be sure to store it in the fridge!

Jennifer Davick

One of Southern Living’s most requested recipes of all time. You can make it a few hours ahead of time, and everyone at the party will want the recipe.

Micah A. Leal

One package of Ranch seasoning goes a long way to make this dish a crowd-pleaser.