27 Absolutely Bizarre Home Design Choices That Will Haunt Me ‘Til The Day I Die

27 Absolutely Bizarre Home Design Choices That Will Haunt Me ‘Til The Day I Die

1.This kitchen that requires you to walk across the countertop to go upstairs, because surely there’s nothing on the bottom of your feet that shouldn’t come into contact with your main food prep surface.

a flight of stairs with a landing on the kitchen counter

“Sorry I’m late for work. I slipped on last night’s leftovers and twisted my ankle. When I fell, I hit my head on breakfast.”


u/shadowsgirl9 / Via reddit.com

2.This four-poster bathtub, complete with cheerful beige carpeting, that’s just right for contemplating the nature of reality.

a carpeted bathtub with four wooden posters

“Every morning, there’s some carpet hangin’

From the corner of my girlfriend’s four-post tub.”


u/the-70s-kid / Via reddit.com

3.What’s the matter, babe? You’ve barely touched your jaircase.

a staircase carpeted with old pairs of jeans

“Imagine getting your foot stuck in a pocket while going down those.”


u/mr_poodlepants / Via reddit.com

4.This random toilet in the middle of a staircase for those times when you just can’t hold it any longer.

a toilet on the landing of a flight of stairs with absolutely no privacy

“Imagine going to someone’s house and drinking, and then, you go for that first pee, and this is the situation.”


u/madethisjustforpewds / Via reddit.com

5.This creative solution.

a door latch being held shut with a crunchy cheeto

“If that’s a stale Cheeto, it’ll never break. Those things are teeth destroyers. Hell, they’re probably still stuck in that bathroom, poor bastard.”


u/kt000545 / Via reddit.com

6.This cozy bathroom where every time you take a shower, the toilet floods.

a tiny bathroom where everything is jammed together haphazardly

“Why this is crappy:

The mirror is on the opposite side of the sink.

The radiator is where the mirror should be (why??).

The toilet reaches into the shower.

You can’t shower without flooding the toilet.

This is my boyfriend’s bathroom by the way.”


u/cat-a-saur / Via reddit.com

7.This bathroom door that clearly wasn’t very well thought through.

a bathroom with a glass door

“It was an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom. Nothing says romance like watching your significant other take a shit from the comfort of your own bed.”


u/madtoebeans / Via reddit.com

8.This kitchen that looks like someone manifested one of my migraines in room-form.

a kitchen decorated with tons of jagged lines

“You’ve heard of the sensory deprivation chamber, now get ready for: SENSORY OVERLOAD KITCHEN.


u/-avoidingwork- / Via reddit.com

9.This bathroom that honestly raises more questions the longer I look at it.

a bathroom that either has a sunken tub or a raised floor and shag carpeting

“That whole thing about bathrooms being the most dangerous room in the house for slips and falls? Yeah, we don’t need to make them more dangerous by putting pit traps in the floor…”


u/nameshortage / Via reddit.com

10.This kitchen where you can kill two birds with one stone by burning your calves on the radiator while you wash dishes in the sink.

a horribly designed kitchen shaped like a triangle with an inaccessible sink

“You learn to crawl across the counter and wash your hands while lying on your stomach.”


u/slaughterheartmagus / Via reddit.com

11.This kitchen that has got to be a nightmare to clean.

a kitchen with white upholstered cabinets

“A moment of silence for those cabinets the first time someone decides to make tomato sauce on the stove.”


u/sacrecouer1206 / Via reddit.com

12.Everything about this bedroom door situation.

a bedroom with a sliding glass door and a shower curtain for privacy

“It was probably once a balcony which has been remodeled to be an extra room. I’ve seen that before (though with a normal door and no curtains since it was pretty small, but it might as well have been a sliding door and curtains).”


u/eeve3_lord / Via reddit.com

13.This optical illusion masquerading as a flight of stairs.

ripple shaped stairs

“This looks like the start of a nightmare in which I twist both ankles simultaneously.”


u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

14.This handy-dandy light switch, conveniently located in the middle of the floor.

a light switch installed in the middle of a carpeted floor

“Have you ever had a light switch battle with a pet? I feel like a cat would flick it all day.”


u/awildchicken / Via reddit.com

15.This extremely safe and very normal electrical outlet inside of a shower.

an electrical outlet inside a shower with something plugged in

16.This room that feels like it was designed by an AI.

a room with a random column and fireplace a weird box with another room inside of it and a step up to the front door for some reason

“Looks like some crazed shit I’d create at 3 a.m. on a Sims 2 binge.”


u/juareno / Via reddit.com

17.The stairs leading into this garage surely won’t keep you from parking a car in there, right?

a house with some steep little stairs blocking access to the garage

“You don’t get it. It’s a ramp for square-wheeled vehicles.”


u/cheetocoveredfingers / Via reddit.com

18.You’re looking at a carpeted cabinet, for some reason.

a kitchen cabinet with carpet inside

19.These stairs in an Airbnb where each step is a different height and depth, and stubbing your toe is inevitable.

a very uneven flight of stairs

“These are called sobriety stairs. If you can climb them without falling, you are good to drive your rental.”


u/jingojangobingoblerp / Via reddit.com

20.This carpeted bathroom under the stairs definitely wasn’t designed with tall people in mind.

a toilet installed underneath a low and slanting carpeted ceiling

21.These hybrid stairs that appear to be attached to the countertop.

a spiral staircase ascending from three carpeted stairs and joined to a kitchen countertop

22.This kitchen that someone put up on a pedestal.

a small kitchen on a weird little platform

23.This hallway that was probably designed by a limbo champion.

a hallway with a random beam blocking access to one side

“It’s a new subscription house concept. If you want access to that room, you’ll need the gold package.”


u/a-random-pasta / Via reddit.com

24.This indoor manhole that, as a fan of horror movies, I would personally NEVER investigate.

a manhole inside a hallway in someone's house

25.This excessive door situation. Door City in here.

four doors opening into each other

“Four doors, one corner. (Left to right: closet door, door leading to bathroom from living room, door leading to bathroom from bedroom, bedroom door.)”


u/rflohoe / Via reddit.com

26.This bathroom with a stunning view of the inside of the wall.

bathroom window where you can see the darkness inside the walls

“My apartment has a window for anyone living in the walls to see the toilet.”


u/tenthgrove / Via reddit.com

27.And finally, this door? Window? Thing???

a strange door window combination set in a brick wall

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