16 Of The Most Divisive Home Decor Trends That Our Readers Are Completely, Totally, And Utterly Split Over

16 Of The Most Divisive Home Decor Trends That Our Readers Are Completely, Totally, And Utterly Split Over

As someone who’s always been super curious about home design — and watches way too many HGTV and random Discovery+ home reno shows in his spare time — hearing what real people think of all the design “trends” out there enthralls me to no end. That’s why I’ve been polling you, our loyal BuzzFeed readers, on your home design opinions for over a year now…and your hot takes never cease to fascinate me.

HGTV host ushering clients into room telling them to keep an open mind

HGTV host ushering clients into room telling them to keep an open mind

Discovery / Via giphy.com

There are plenty of design trends that y’all pretty much unanimously dislike, like floating staircases. And there are lots that people can’t get enough of, like gallery walls. But there’s also a surprising number of trends that our readers are genuinely split over. Based on the numbers of folks who weighed in on the following trends (occasionally 100,000 or more!), these 16 are the most divisive ones out there. What do you think?

Note: Before you ask me why the screenshotted percentages below don’t add up to 100{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d}, that’s because there’s always a third option on these polls of “I don’t have strong feelings,” which felt kind of unnecessary for this post. Carry on!

1.Our first divisive trend actually starts on the exterior — the “modern farmhouse” look. This one’s basically an even split…like, only 6,000 votes separate them.

44{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} think it'll stay trendy, 44{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} think it'll look dated quickly

I’m actually not sure if I violently hate the modern farmhouse or secretly want to live in one, so you know what? This makes sense.

Mitch Cleary — Construction / Via youtube.com

2.Another trend people are split over? Having lots of houseplants, I guess.

38{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like houseplants, and the same percentage of people dislike them

Knape / Getty Images

3.There’s only a difference of 3,000 people between those who love subway tile backsplashes and those who don’t…

40{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} like subway tiles and 37{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} don't

Vm / Getty Images

4.…and it may not be a perfectly even split, but I’m kind of shocked that people don’t totally align on open floor plans?!

56{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} think open floor plans will stay trendy and 33{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} don't

Imaginima / Getty Images

5.You either love or hate the mid-century modern chandelier. There is no in-between.

41{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} are a fan and 38{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} are not

Try Media / Getty Images/iStockphoto

6.My tufted headboard is crying in the corner right now.

35{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like tufted headboards and 44{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} don't

Zlyka2008 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

7.I thought the internet was sick of color-coded bookshelves…but BRB while I color coordinate all of my books immediately.

35{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} like color-coded bookshelves and 42{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} don't

Clu / Getty Images/iStockphoto

8.If you dislike minimalism, 51{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people disagree with you.

35{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people think minimalism will stay trendy and 51{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} do not

Experienceinteriors / Getty Images

9.Apparently, the jury’s out on whether this Moroccan-inspired tile is cute or not when used as a backsplash. Clock that difference of 2,000 votes… 👀

even split of 39{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} on whether or not people like Moroccan-inspired tile

Chris Griffiths / Getty Images

10.I’ve heard so many people refer to these house numbers as the “gentrification font,” but apparently, not everyone agrees on them, aesthetically.

38{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like them and 30{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people don't

Simon Mcgill / Getty Images

11.Opinions on concrete flooring are pretty darn close!

36{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like concrete floors and 44{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} do not

Experienceinteriors / Getty Images

12.I’m personally of the mindset that mounting a TV over a fireplace is a neck-ache waiting to happen, but what do I know.

29{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like TVs over fireplaces and 38{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} do not

Tony Anderson / Getty Images

13.All-gray interiors have people more or less split, too.

32{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like all-gray interiors and 41{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} do not

Imaginima / Getty Images

14.Everyone has strong feelings about the waterfall kitchen island, it seems.

46{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like waterfall islands and 40{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} do not

Hikesterson / Getty Images/iStockphoto

15.Also in the kitchen, the blue cabinet and gold hardware look could truly go either way.

41{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people like the look and 47{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} of people don't

Joe Hendrickson / Getty Images/iStockphoto

16.And finally, you know how some people paint over brick to give it a cleaner, more modern look? This one is as close to 50-50 as it gets.

even 40{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} split on liking or disliking white painted brick wall

Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Do you particularly love (or loathe) any of the divisive trends on this list? Sound off in the comments below.