12 Best Vertical Garden Products

12 Best Vertical Garden Products

If you’re a plant-lover, you know how easy it is to amass a continuously growing collection. At some point, unless you’re lucky enough to live in an enormous house, you’ll simply run out of floor, table, or counter space to show off all your greenery. But don’t fret, there’s a solution you may not have thought of — go vertical.

Not everyone has the ability to create a living wall in their homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t display your plants via hanging planters, mounted planters, wall planters, and more. Ahead find 12 ways to create your own vertical garden, no matter how much (or little) room you have at home.

KileensGardenBoutiqu Square Vertical Succulent Garden

Square Vertical Succulent Garden Arrangement: living wall

Square Vertical Succulent Garden Arrangement: living wall




If you want to get a vertical garden with just a click of a button, this is the solution for you. This square wall planter is handmade from urban redwood and cedar comes in sizes 7”x7” up to 16”x16”. You can order the frame empty, with a DIY kit of moss and succulents, or plants with a variety of succulents so it’s ready to go. 

For other shapes, you can also make a statement with a monogram succulent vertical garden, or if you’re a Disney fan, a mouse head-shaped vertical succulent garden.

ShopLaLa Wall Planter

Wall Planter – 2 Pack


Create your own plant wall or trellis with these wooden plant holders, which come in a variety of sizes and sets (you can get a single one, set of two, or set of 5). They’re made with real wood and come with screws and anchors to hang them on the wall either. Take your plants of choice, and put them in some colorful metal hanging pots, and you’ll have a wall to cheer you up every time you look at it or walk by.

Bloomscape Ecopots Rectangular Wall Hanging Pot

Ecopots Rectangular Wall Hanging Pot – 22″ x 7″

Ecopots Rectangular Wall Hanging Pot – 22″ x 7″


This hanging pot is waterproof, UV-proof, and frost-resistant, so it can be used indoors or outdoors. At 21.7” wide, it’s big enough to fit a few of your favorite plants — choose a hanging plant like a pothos for a more dramatic effect. Bonus: the pot is made with up to 80{a57a8b399caa4911091be19c47013a92763fdea5dcb0fe03ef6810df8f2f239d} recycled plastics, mainly harvested from the ocean, so you’re being green in more ways than one. 


råskog utility cart white

råskog utility cart white




This versatile metal utility cart will get your plants off the floor without requiring any heavy construction. With three tiers and minimal styles, the cart can hold a number of small plants (snag a fiddle leaf fig while shopping at IKEA), and you can wheel it around from room to room whenever you want. 

VIVOSUN 6 Pockets Vertical Wall Garden

6 Pockets Vertical Wall Garden Planter Wall Mount Planter Pouch Grey


You can grow small plants directly in this planter, which has six waterproof pockets and a waterproof back to keep your walls and floors mess-free. Plant and keep your favorite kitchen herbs nearby by using the space-saving planter in your kitchen, or add a splash of color with bright flowers by hanging it on an indoor or outdoor wall.

unho Corner Plant Stand

Corner Plant Stand 6 Tier Wooden Shelf


Brighten any corner with an L-shaped plant stand that has room for plants of all sizes, and then some. The stand has six tiers to hold your plants, vases of fresh flowers, favorite photos, and more, all in an otherwise under-utilized space in your home.  

Outland Living Store 6-Ft Raised Garden Bed

6-Ft Raised Garden Bed

Outland Living



If you have a large room, a balcony, or some outdoor space that could use some sprucing up, this six-foot vertical garden can help you create a greenery oasis. It has four big planters and four food-grade plant bins you can use to grow vegetables, herbs, and more, or just hold your already potted plants. It’s also freestanding, so there’s no need to drill anything into the wall. 

Amazon Basics Wall Planter

Wall Planter, Round – White/Brass (2-Pack)


Add some elegance to your walls with these simple white wall planters. The set comes with two round, ceramic planters, perfect for holding small plants or succulents. The brass mounts add some nice detail, and the planters can be easily removed for watering or swapping out plants. 

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase

Trigg Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor Container


These geometric planters have all the right angles to give your plants and your wall a modern look. The pair of triangular planters is made of ceramic with a wire hanger and is a fun way to display your favorite small plants at home. They come in a larger size and a few different colors as well. 

Orimina Pack of 6 Glass Planters

Orimina Pack of 6 Glass Planters



Sometimes you don’t want to deal with having soil everywhere, so opt for this set of hanging glass plant pots that can hold air plants, water plants, moss, or more. This set of six bulbs can transform your ordinary wall into a unique one filled with gorgeous foliage. 

Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

Ceramic Hanging Planter 3 Tier



Even if you don’t have a spare wall, you probably have air space available. Attach this three-tier hanging planter to your ceiling and let your plants hang out in your home. Each pot is rectangular, 6.5”x3.25”x2.5” in size, and has a drainage hole. The cotton rope is adjustable so you can customize your look.
Gar-Life Bamboo Plant Stand

Gar-Life Bamboo Plant Stand Rack 6 Tier



This tall and narrow plant stand can fit in smaller rooms or balconies but still has maximum space for your plants. It’s made out of bamboo and has six sturdy tiers to let you vertically feature your potted plants and your green thumb.